Free Website Templates 2011 Collection

Hey folks! Summer has just finished, and it's time to see what was done during these three months. In this post we are going to sum up the results and present you summer 2011 collection of Free Website Templates from TemplateMonster. Did you enjoy all that freebies? Were they useful for your projects? Your feedback is important for us and we would be glad to find out your opinion regarding our free products.

What was special about the last three months of our work with free website templates? We started to produce templates with certain similar feature of a month. Thus, for the present time we have 4 themes with the emphasis on typography and 4 themes created in clean style. We have decided to go on following this novelty, and in the nearest time you'll get fresh portions of freebies with cool features integrated in them. Almost all of the produced templates feature efficient jQuery elements, and this will remain the same in the future. The demo versions of our free website templates give you an opportunity to check out their cool characteristics and just try them. So, you are welcome to browse our summer collection of freebies. And don't forget to visit us later for fresh free stuff!

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20 Useful Free Vector Packs with Source File

Vectors are one of the most useful elements for web design. Today we share some most useful free vector packs with source file for free download.

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A Guide on How to Design a Magazine Cover that Will Stand Out

Magazines are published in regular schedule with variety of articles in it and are usually financed by advertising, purchase price and subscriptions. It had been good sources of information and entertainment. There are different kinds of magazines. It could be a fashion magazine, art magazine, design magazine, health magazine, product magazine, sports magazine, computer magazine and many more. You can easily distinguish the type of magazine depending on the central image it issues and the entire cover.

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